Information for Inventors and Product Creators

Nextoy LLC is very fortunate to have an audience with some of the largest toy companies in the world. Because of our unique position within the toy industry, we are able to present new toy and game concepts directly to the "decision makers" at these companies. Please review the information below if you are interested in working with Nextoy to license a new toy or game concept.

Nextoy is not an inventor solicitive firm and is highly selective regarding the people/projects it chooses to represent. We work mostly with professional inventors and organizations that have functioning prototype models.  

Please do not send any submissions without first contacting our staff. If you would like to discuss a possible product submission, please read the entire inventors FAQ section of our site first. If the chemistry feels right and we agree to work together, we'll formulate a working agreement. Placement is not a quick or easy process-- it can take anywhere from a few months to a few years to find a suitable home for a product.  More often than not the product fails to be placed, and once a home is found it normally takes 1-2 years for the product to go to market.

Compensation: We are compensated only if there is a successful placement by partnering with you and sharing in royalties, advances, and guarantees. There are many variables which determine the percentage split.  We are happy to provide you with further details should you contact us. We suggest you refer to the Toy and Game Inventors Handbook for more insight and a better understanding of how this unique industry works. 

Inventor FAQ

So, you've invented a new toy, game or amazing product. Now What? Use this guide to help your product along on its journey to market.

What kinds of toys and games do you review? We only review toys that have a functioning prototype. We strongly prefer concepts that are eligible for utility patents or have other proprietary features.

We are NOT interested in the following categories:

            - Board games (unless they have a mechanical or technological component).

            - Variations on existing board games (i.e. Monopoly, Chess, Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, etc.). 

            - Characters, Dolls, or Action Figures (unless there are unique and proprietary features).

"I've invented a great new (Insert name of fabulous product here) and I've never seen anything like it in stores. How can Nextoy help me get it sold to a company?" The first thing you need to do is research. Just because your concept is not being sold at your local store doesn't mean that it has never been sold anywhere. It may have already been sold and discontinued or it may have been sold in other parts of the world. Do some deep digging into the history of concepts similar to yours. You may find some clues that will help you later on. Interestingly enough, Ebay is an excellent source for finding products that are no longer on the market. Another great site for this kind of research is Alibaba.

A note on utility patents: In order for us to successfully license a concept to a manufacturer or retailer, it is essential (except in extremely rare cases) that the concept be proprietary in some way. This means that something about the function of your concept should be worthy of a utility patent. For more information on patents go to the United States Patent and Trademark Office site at

"But I already have a utility patent!" If you already have a patent, good for you! You should fill out the form at the bottom of this page and be sure to include the patent number in the appropriate section so we can take a look. We will respond and let you know what we think we might be able to do for you. 

"Okay, I did my homework and I believe that my concept is utility patentable. What now?" Send an e-mail to or fill out the form below. You don't need to tell us the details of your concept, but please let us know the category i.e. "preschool music toy, outdoor electronic flying toy, etc.. Please remember that you must have a functioning prototype! If it seems like something that we may be able to license to our customers, we'll contact you for further discussion.

"Does Nextoy only work in the toy and game industry?" We have also placed products in publishing, gifts, stationery, and direct response (As Seen On TV).  

A great resource for inventors. We strongly encourage inventors to read the great Toy and Game Inventor's Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Pitch, License, and Cash-In on Your Ideas. In this book, industry pros Richard C. Levy and Ronald O. Weingartner encourage, inspire, and guide you step-by-step through the perils and pitfalls of toy and game licensing.

We hope that this simple guide has been a help to you. Good luck and happy inventing!

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    Please provide a Name and a Non-Confidential GENERAL Description of the type of toy/category you would like to submit (for example: "mechanized board game" or "technologically infused children's doll"). If you wish to submit multiple items, write one per line, up to three items. Note: This form does not constitute a formal submission to Nextoy. It is simply a way for us to determine whether your concept is in a category we're pursuing.
    DO NOT disclose your entire invention at this point, as all correspondence from this website becomes the property of NEXTOY LLC. If your general description falls into a category we're actively seeking, we will contact you and send you our non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to enable you to send in your concept. DO NOT send in your concept without receiving an NDA.